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Johnny Crack


A tall young man dressed with a neat shirt, coat and tie, flashy watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses – Johnny Crack does not look like a graffiti sprayer. The only hint are the little colour spots all over his sunglasses

Johnny Crack is a different graffiti sprayer. His motivation isn’t rebellion, vandalism or revenge. He does graffiti for art – and for the thrill.

In public, Johnny Crack’s works are always fleeting and short-lived. It’s ironic that colourful paintings are removed from a wall to have the grey dreariness beneath. Street art is promptly removed, especially from venues with high traffic. But manipulating advertising and free TV is clearly visible, any time anywhere.

With his works Johnny Crack wants the people to be aware of the government’s and mass media’s brainwashing of the people. He wants people to use their brain and start thinking. Or at least enjoy his art.





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